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Welcome to the Georgia-Kai's Web Site

The Georgia-Kai is an association of people who lived and have special ties with the State of Georgia. The association was established back in 1985 with only seven members who just returned from their assignment in Georgia. Today, we have multiple corporate members as well as nearly 140 idividual/family members mainly in Tokyo and the surrounding areas.


Every year, we plan and host a series of events for members such as a Christmas Party, golf outings, culture events and tours to deepen our friendship. It is our pleasure to host teachers and school personnel from Georgia every summer when they visit Tokyo as a part of the "Educators Program". We also publish a bi-monthly newsletter "On My MInd" to share the latest information about Georgia and our association.


If you are interested in joining the Georgia-Kai, please send us an e-mail to administration@gerogia-kai.org with your name and contact information. We have both corporate membership and individual/family membership.


Thank you for your interest in the Georgia-Kai and we look forward to seeing you at the next event!

2018 Christmas Party

2018 Fall Event Guided City Tour and a lunch at "Niwa no Hotel"


Fall of 2015: Visited Tsukiji Fish Market area.

Fall of 2012: Visited Zojoji, Tokyo Tower, Atagoyama and NHK Museum with Tokyo City Guide Club people.
Summer of 2011: Visited the new Haneda International Terminal Building with a special guided tour. 

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